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About Us

UAB „Daitecha" – official representative and autorised service center of air compressor's manufacturer Worthington Creyssensac in Lithuania.

Works and Services:

  • Air compressor sales, repair, service;
  • Counseling, compressed air lines, and installation of pressure vessels;
  • Various manufacturers compressor maintenance, repairs and spare parts;
  • Compressed air freon, adsorption, membrane dryers and filters;
  • Air Receivers.

We are growing company, engaged in compressor sales and service as well as compressor technology. Our desire is to provide our clients responsive, high quality, reliable and beneficial service. We are the general agent, importer and service provider of world-renowned Worthington Creyssensac, which has over 145 years of industrial experience in compressor technology. In our sales program we offer high quality products. We also provide service almost on all other brands.

Our product range is extensive and includes compressors from 1.5kw to 355kw: piston compressors, screw compressors, belt-driven compressors, oil free units, water cooled air compressors and compressors with all the possible options and all associated equipment to provide high-quality compressed air such as: the Energy Box, pressure tanks, air dryers, line filters, condensate drains, adsorption dryers, oil-water separators, air compressor piping kits and performance service kits.

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Worthington Creyssensac

Worthington started the production of compressors for the French market already in 1864; in 1892 the production of compressors expanded to the European market. In the early 60's Worthington became a pioneer in designing and assembling screw compressors. Worthington Creyssensac, established in 1973, with the fusion of Worthington and Creyssensac , the company specialized assembling piston compressors, has been manufactured independently since 1934. In 1993, Worthington Creyssensac became a part of the Atlas Copco group, thus beginning a period of outstanding growth through the development of international network sales worldwide. Beginning of the Third Millennium indicates the modernization of production lines with state of the art technology equipment and logistics. Cutting-edge technology and exceptional flexibility in production enable to meet the growing demand with the increasing customer requirements. The highest quality of the products, which has been retained throughout its lifetime, has nowadaysenabledsupplyto 80 countries around the world.