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A range of rigorously tested and approved lubricants for all applications and conditions.


Key benefits:

  • Seal and lubricate the components (rotors or piston/cylinder)
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Heat transfer for efficient cooling of the compression process
  • Protection against corrosion and cavitation
  • Compatibility with gaskets/seals (compressor and downstream equipment)

Operational efficiency and top performing components rely on proper lubrication. With this range of leading standard lubricants, you can assure that your compressor stays in perfect condition. They seal and lubricate all necessary components and keep them free from deposits and also offer protection against corrosion. In addition, they also assist the cooling by transferring the heat. These lubricants are available for screw compressors (Rotair and ScrewGuard lubricants) and for piston compressors (Altair lubricants) – all are designed according to ASTM standards.


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