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Industrial Pistons

The Worthington Creyssensac BL - BH - BK industrial pistons are a modular range of pistons with a compact direct drive design offering optimal efficiency and great flexibility.

Key benefits:

  • Great flexibility thanks to the modular concept
  • Oil free units offering top air quality
  • Low speed (1400rpm) reduces heat and wear, resulting in greater reliability
  • Finned cooling pipes combined with inter- and after-cooler
  • Heavy cast iron cylinder and solid ribbed aluminium cylinder heads for greater reliability
  • Compact direct drive design with a perfect alignment of motor and compressor for optimal efficiency
  • Direct drive means less maintenance
  • Stable and big crankcase offers greater stability and effectiveness
  • Cast iron flywheel results in a uniform bearing load
  • Optimal lubrication through immersion pin combines with a large intake filter
  • Optimal user comfort with low noise levels and easy maintenance
  • High-performance stainless steel compressor valves with minimum pressure drops
The BL - BH - BK range of industrial pistons is available in a wide variety of configurations, from base-mounted to tank-mounted, from single to tandem set-ups, either open or silenced. Regardless of the set-up, you can enjoy a high-performance unit with a low operational speed, excellent cooling features and top-notch components, such as a heavy cast iron cylinder, solid ribbed aluminium cylinder heads and high-capacity cooling. In brief, the BL - BH - BK pistons form a range of versatile, performance units, which are easy in both use and maintenance.
BL-BH-BK wa0000018 100


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