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Cast Iron Pistons

Pixair: a range of cast iron pistons with low speed operation resulting in lasting performance and excellent reliability. This makes the Worthington Pixair range very suited for heavy-duty use.

Key benefits:

  • Low speed operation makes for an extended lifespan thanks to reduced operational temperature and less wear and tear
  • Single and twin stage going from 1 till 10hp
  • Reduced noise levels offer greater user comfort
  • Large airflows and low pressure drops for greater reliability
  • Quality cast iron components make for increased performance
  • Large fins on heads and cylinders combined with finned pipes on inter -and after-coolers for greater efficiency
  • Large flywheel to increase airflow
Thanks to the large flywheel, the airflow is increased, while the large fins on the heads and cylinders result in greater efficiency. What’s more, the operation speed is kept low, which reduces the operational temperature and ultimately extends the lifetime of your unit. Finally, for your comfort, the noise levels have been reduced.
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