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EngineAIR and BIengineAIR

The Worthington Creyssensac engineAIR and BIengineAIR offer you flexible performance and great reliability.

engineAIR B2800B 192

Key benefits:

  • Rigid and reliable
  • Movable units can be used anywhere
  • Movable units have large pneumatic tyres for ergonomic handling, even over difficult terrain
  • Base-mounted variants offer freedom in installation
  • Diesel units come with a LED control panel, as well as oil and battery recharge indicator for easy maintenance
  • Vibration dampers on diesel units result in reduced noise and increased lifetime
  • The BIengineAIR offers a two-in-one solution with small footprint, supplying both air and energy: a powerful motor and with an electricity generator (230 volt)
  • A metal roll bar offers full protection during moving (on some models)
  • Twin tank version with three outlet connections: regulated, direct and claw outlet for big flow applications
The Worthington Creyssensac range of engineAIR and BIengineAIR offers you total freedom and flexibility under all circumstances. The BIengineAIR even comes with an engine and additional 230-volt electricity generator. The base-mounted variants offer freedom in installation, thanks to their small footprint, these units are easy to integrate in your existing set-up. The movable variants offer maximal flexibility with their large pneumatic tyres for easy handling, even on difficult terrain. Go for a very flexible, performing and reliable solution by choosing the engineAIR or BIengineAIR that fits your needs best!
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