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Refrigerant Dryers

The Worthington Creyssensac offers a complete range of DW refrigerant dryers, for perfect dry and clean air. The DW2-DW420 goes from 350 up to 84.000 l/min depending on the model.


Key benefits:

  • Less wear resulting in a longer lifespan of your equipment and distribution network
  • Fewer breakdowns resulting in greater productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Intelligent and silent discharge of water
  • Increased final product quality
  • Increased reliability of your final tools/equipment
  • Energy savings with lower pressure drops
  • Easy dew point indicator reading
With our range of refrigerant dryers, you can optimise the use and lifespan of your distribution network. They help to reduce the wear, as well as the number of breakdowns, thus increasing productivity and reliability, and minimising maintenance cost. These refrigerant dryers are perfect for use with pneumatic tools, equipment and control systems, as well as applications such as painting, packaging and car workshops.


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