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Adsorption Dryers

The Worthington Creyssensac range of DB adsorption dryers is efficient and effective. Moreover the DB 05 - 130 comes with clever dew point management.


Key benefits:

  • Longer life span of your equipment and distribution network due to less wear
  • Greater productivity and lower maintenance costs thanks to less breakdowns
  • Multiport inlet and outlet which ensures fast and easy installation
  • Higher final product quality
  • Increased reliability and reduced risk for leaks
  • Energy savings with lower pressure drops
  • Pressure dew point sensor
Increase your productivity and reliability whilst reducing your costs with our range of adsorption dryers. They help to reduce the risk of leaks, but also to save energy thanks to the lower pressure drops. What’s more, the multiport inlet and outlet allow for easy and effortless installation. These adsorption dryers are fit for a wide variety of applications, from pneumatic control systems and pharmaceutical processes to use in the food, chemical and automotive industries.


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