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Rollair 15 - 40E and Rollair 20 - 40E V

The Worthington Creyssensac Rollair 15 - 40E and Rollair 20 - 40E V is a range with a modular design, that results in easy maintenance for these high performance units.

Key benefits:

  • Gear transmission: reduced transmission losses compare with belt drive
  • High efficiency air filtration & oil separation
  • IP55 class F and Efficiency ONE SIEMENS motors guarantee protection, reliability and economic power to the Rollair 15 - 40E
  • Smart controllers: Infologic® for the fixed speed units (Rollair 15 - 40E) and Airlogic® for the variable speed driven (Rollair 20 - 40E V) units
  • Option to have integrated dryer with aluminium heat exchanger
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Increased accessibility and handling
  • Optimum ventilation
Compact and easy to install yet powerful and highly durable and reliable, the Rollair 15 - 40E and Rollair 20 - 40E V range offers a broad power range and a wide variety of units, each offering optimal system efficiency. They all feature a high-quality motor with a rotary screw assembly and a clear, maintenance-friendly design. The various available options make the unit a complete solution and allow it to be installed near to the air user.
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