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Rollair 300 - 1900

A range of cost-efficient, easy-to-manage and most capable solutions for small industries

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Key benefits:

  • Available as floor or tank mounted, the latter with or without an integrated dryer
  • ES-99 (Rollair 800 - 1900) intelligent program management software adjusts the air supply to the actual demand
  • Low noise level (65-69 dB) allows for installation near the work place
  • Option to by-pass the dryer and install a filtration system
  • Easy and compact installation with no additional costs
  • Cost-efficient solution perfect for use in small industries
The Worthington Creyssensac Rollair 300 - 1900 range of compressors combines maximum reliability with minimum maintenance. The Rollair 300 - 700 are electromechanical, whilst the Rollair 800 - 1900 come with the intelligent ES-99 program management software to control the air flow to your actual need. These units are available in a variety of setups – either floor or tank mounted, the latter with or without an integrated dryer. And, thanks to the low noise levels, they can be easily integrated in your workspace. In brief, the Rollair 300 - 1900 range offers highly efficient units that are cost-efficient and easy-to-manage.
Rollair 1400 tank wa0000051 192


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